How Do You Use Goggles?

16 Dec 2013

In the Fall of 2010, our good friend gcr launched a site called Goggles, a tool (or toy) for drawing on any web site on the Internet and being able to see other peoples' drawings. Not long after, Synapse Software agreed to provide hosting and maintenance for the tool, with the interest of expanding the tool's functionality and applicability to its users.

Some of the features we've added since the original version include:

  • The ability to change the size of the line being drawn
  • An expanded color palette
  • A leaderboard of the 20 most drawn-on sites (in near-real time)

The incredible response to Goggles and its features, such as this tumblr, has encouraged us that we are only scratching the surface with Goggles. The next batch of new functionality is being finalized as we speak and we think you'll be just as excited about it as we are. With that in mind, we'd like to hear how you are using Goggles and how we can continue to make it even better.

How are you using Goggles? Let us know in the comments