Goggles is now dudl.me

22 Sep 2014

The Goggles community is growing. Since we launched Goggles (goggles.sneakygcr.net) in 2010, we've experienced million-user days and seen it used in many different ways. Since launching the Goggles Gallery in late December, 2013, over 2600 users have signed up and posted over 6000 drawings.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Goggles is capable of, and in our quest to bring new communities of users to Goggles, we've put together a plan that we think will make a lot of our current users happy by including many frequently-requested features (more details to come; as a sneak peak, check out the new "teleport" link, which brings you to a randomly-chosen active site with Goggles already enabled).

To prepare for this revitalization, we've started with the brand. "Goggles" was a great name for the original platform, but as we've grown and evolved, it started to feel insufficient. Therefore, we've rebranded as "dudl.me", to capture the current and planned spirit of the platform.

We're really excited about this change, we're really excited about where we're headed, and we think you will be, too. Here's how you can help:

Send us feedback at info@synapsesoftware.com

We want to hear how you used Goggles. We want to hear how we can deliver more from dudl.me. And we want to hear how we can connect dudl.me with new audiences.

Keep dudling!