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Products (formerly known as Goggles), is a utility that allows the user to draw on web pages. These drawings are not visible to the rest of the World Wide Web and in no way deface the original page. They can be viewed (in real time) by anyone else using on the same page. Try it now at

Nantucket Local Favorites

Nantucket Chronicle is an online magazine specializing in everything Nantucket. Through Oxbow Labs, we were hired to develop a mobile application for the "Local Favorites" section of their web site to be sort of a mobile guide to those experiencing Nantucket, MA. The app, for both iOS and Android, interfaces with their Drupal-based web site from both phones and tablets.


μStim allows doctors to customize therapy sessions for each patient. The entire session is fully customizable, including duration of session, colors used, size of grid and target, and rate of motion of each part. The session can be saved as a μStim file suitable for electronic distribution.


BlindSpotter is targeted specifically at Functional Neurologists based on clinical research pioneered by Dr. Ted Carrick. It is intended for use in the clinic for diagnosis and evaluation of progress as a result of treatment. BlindSpotter is customizable and calibrates itself per-patient. With BlindSpotter, bring your clinic into the 21st century with this affordable computerized Blind Spot Mapping system.