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Of all the things in the world to dread, using technology shouldn't be one of them.

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Mobile, Web, and Cloud

With almost a third of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, your business can't afford to ignore the smartphone revolution. For some, a mobile web site is sufficient. For others, a mobile app. For still others, many or all of these technologies can be leveraged to make your business more relational. Synapse Software has the expertise to scale your mobile presence to your unique tribe.

Custom Software

We enjoy solving hard problems. We solve easy problems, too, but they're...well, easier. We solve all problems by making hard problems easy and easy problems done. That means you don't have to worry about investing large chunks of money in software that may or may not do what it needs to — our job's not done until we've solved the root of the problem.

Tech Strategy Consulting

The technology landscape is changing almost as fast as you can read about it. Keeping tabs on all that is happening is almost a full-time job. But who can afford to work two full-time jobs? At Synapse Software, it's our job to know all that technology has to offer and, with a working knowledge of many industries, advise you on the pieces that are appropriate for your business.

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