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The Missing Byte

The Missing Byte

Every Wednesday, join Brian, Nathaniel, and Sara as they talk about custom web and software development and the challenges facing companies and organizations in an increasingly digital world.

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Episode 12: Making sense of mobile

In today's episode, we talk about the options available to your organization to take advantage of mobile devices. We discuss five different options and why each might be appropriate. We also talk about this week's buzzword, dashboard, and how you might use one to help guide your business decisions.

Here's a well-done article on all of the categories below from the perspective of a web design agency.

Episode 11: 5 common digital marketing assumptions that are often incorrect

In today's podcast, we discuss 5 digital marketing assumptions that are currently very popular, but aren't always correct. We also discuss the buzzword "certificate", its relationship to things like SSL, and its use as a way of verifying identities.

Episode 10: 8 Tips to improve communication

We apologize for the audio issues. We're trying out a new recording setup and a new room to record in, so please bear with us.

In this episode, we give you 8 tips to improve communication whether you’re a client, a contractor, or just about anybody. I feel like this is probably the most generally-applicable episode we’ve done so far. Whatever you do, you probably have to communicate, and you can probably be better at it. I know I can improve and probably fall short on several of these points.

Episode 9: How involved should clients be

In this episode, we discuss how involved clients should be in their software development projects as they go through the phases. We introduce the terms “project owner” and “stakeholder”, talk a little bit about their roles throughout the project, and explore how these roles change as a project progresses. This episode is brought to you by the letter "A", with the corresponding buzzword "Agile".

Episode 8: Budgeting for maintenance

In this episode, we discuss budgeting for maintenance: how to do so, why you need to, what happens when you don’t, and what it means in today’s push toward “agile” project management techniques. We also discuss the shift in customer expectations from price being an indicator of quality, with no compromise on features, to price being indicative of feature set, with no compromise on quality.

Episode 7: Balancing legacy systems and new development

In this episode, we talk about the pros and cons of maintaining legacy systems versus engaging in new development, and then wrap up with some helpful tips to avoid straying too far in either direction.

Episode 6: How to choose a Software Development company

In today's episode, we talk about how vendors and clients can communicate pre-sale, so clients can find what they're looking for in vendors easily and vendors can help reduce clients' buying risk.

Episode 5: Do you need custom software?

Hello! Welcome to the fifth episode of The Cloud, the technology podcast for normal people with real technology needs. We’re Brian and Nathaniel from Synapse Software, a software development shop in Colorado Springs where we enjoy solving interesting, fun, and meaningful problems using just about any technology you could possibly want.

Today, we’ll talk about how to determine whether you need custom software.

Episode 4: Top 4 ways to evaluate off-the-shelf software

In this episode we look at the top 4 questions you should ask yourself when evaluating a potential software purchase, but probably aren’t. We also discuss our take on Apple's September Special Event, including iPhone 6, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch.

Episode 3: Top 5 tips for a sustainable technology strategy

Today, we have our top 5 tips for a sustainable tech strategy; basically, how to keep your software, systems, and strategy up to date without going overboard. We also discuss the recent iCloud celebrity photos story and what it means for cloud services users and password security.