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The Missing Byte

The Missing Byte

Every Wednesday, join Brian, Nathaniel, and Sara as they talk about custom web and software development and the challenges facing companies and organizations in an increasingly digital world.

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A System isn't Built in a Day

What exactly is system architecture and what should business owners care when it comes to their custom software?

Designing for Custom Software, what's it all about?

We discuss our new and changing design process as we welcome our brand new designer, Danny Castillo, to the team.

What Should the Discovery Process Include?

How do you know what to include when planning a project? We outline key areas to remember during the Discovery phase.

Process in a Nutshell

What should the process look like for custom software development? We discuss how we handle it using agile processes.

#17: How Do You Fill in the Potholes?

What technology are you looking forward to in 2015? We discuss great ideas to come and those already in the works.

#16: Christmas Gadgets

This episode, we talk about ten gadgets from 2014 and discuss why we want (or, in some case, don't want) them in our stockings.

#15: Tablets, Ultraportables, and Crossovers

In this episode, we talk about tablets, ultraportables, and crossovers. We specifically mention devices like the iPad, the rumored iPad Pro (or iPad Air Plus), the Surface Pro 3, Lenovo Yoga 2, HP TouchSmart, the Chromebook, and even reach back to talk about the Motorola Atrix (and its "webtop") and a brief history of computing.

Episode 14: This Little UX Designer Went To Market

This episode is the final episode of season 1, in which we discuss our plans for the next episodes and seasons of the podcast, user experience and whether age or generation has an impact on how design has evolved over the last decade. We also segue into how to choose the right time to go to market with a piece of software and discuss this episode's buzzword, future-proof, and whether future-proofing is really possible.

Episode 13: Common Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

In this episode, we look at the benefits of hiring a contractor. Not necessarily instead of hiring employees, but potentially in addition to. Many larger companies have developers and software engineers on staff, but still hire contractors. In fact, many of these reasons are inspired by the rationale of some of our clients who also have in-house technical staff. We discuss today’s buzzword: edge case. We are also joined by a guest co-host.

Episode 12b: Why do we forget about tablets?

In this special bonus episode of The Missing Byte, we talk about our embarrasment that the last episode focused a lot on phones and made hardly any mention of tablets, and wonder out loud why this is the case. Are tablets declining in usage? Are we having difficulty finding specific cases where we might use our tablets? Or is Microsoft winning the marketing battle with convertibles and tablet PCs?

We also ponder some ways we (and maybe you too) can encourage ourselves not to forget about UI design for tablets.