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Introduction to node.js

Brian Parks leads a discussion on node.js at the April meeting of coloradosprings.js. Find the slides at and the meetup itself at

Optimize your startup's limited capital

Synapse Software CEO Brian Parks describes his views on cash optimization, the art of deciding how much money to spend on which parts of building your startup.

Taking #dreammaker into the future

This morning, Charles Ressler was on Las Vegas Morning Blend, to talk about his passion project, #dreammaker. The clip can be found at (Update: a better link via YouTube:

Should You Outsource Your IT Needs?

The short is answer is yes, you probably should. However, the real answer is a little bit more complex than that. If you are the average company with the average IT needs, I wouldn't blink at the opportunity to pay another company to manage all your IT needs for you. The only problem is: how many of us are the "average" company? And how many of us have "average" IT needs? Here are some of the reasons why you might outsource, and some specific situations in which it is overwhelmingly advantageous to do so.

IT Solutions: Opportunity or Threat?

When computers were first becoming popular and were still the size of large rooms, many feared that the continued (and accelerating) evolution of technology would mean the end for their jobs. Decades later, this has yet to pan out, despite our phones being more powerful than the large room-sized computers were. However, there are still those among us who fear that improving technological capabilities will threaten their jobs. Why is that the case?

Merry Christmas from Synapse Software!

Goggles has a new sharing feature! Read more here!

How Do You Use Goggles?

In the Fall of 2010, our good friend gcr launched a site called Goggles, a tool (or toy) for drawing on any web site on the Internet and being able to see other peoples' drawings. Not long after, Synapse Software agreed to provide hosting and maintenance for the tool, with the interest of expanding the tool's functionality and applicability to its users. Now, we'd like to hear how you are using Goggles and how we can continue to make it even better.

Javascript Is The Language Of The Future

It's been a long time since there were only a few languages. Almost everybody born since then knows about at least one or two programming languages, has probably taken some form of programming class at some point in their academic career, and if they know more than enough about one to be dangerous, they likely know the basics of at least three others. My take on the matter is that Javascript will be the language to know over the next few years, and here's why.

App Store Now Compensates For Misspelled Searches: What It Means

Today, MacRumors ran an article titled "App Store Searches Now Compensate for Typos and Mispellings." In it, they describe a change to the algorithm that Apple's App Store uses to find results for searches to account for mispellings, so that, for instance, a search for "hotwls" returns apps related to "hotels". Here's what that means for your app store marketing strategy.

5 Reasons Why Your Technology Strategy Is As Important As Your Business Plan

Here are 5 reasons why you can't ignore technology and some information to help you develop a technology strategy.