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Christmas Podcast Episode

On December 3rd, we'll be recording our Christmas Podcast Episode (to be released the following Wednesday). We'll have the whole crew on the show and we'll be talking about the cool technology (mostly from this year) that you might want to request for Christmas.


We can't do it without your help! Post your favorite technology from 2014 in the comments below and we'll be sure to mention it.

Goggles is now

The Goggles community is growing. Since we launched Goggles ( in 2010, we've experienced million-user days and seen it used in many different ways. Since launching the Goggles Gallery in late December, 2013, over 2600 users have signed up and posted over 6000 drawings.

Does implementation technology limit the problems you can solve?

In the past week or so, I've heard two quotes that seem to say opposing things about the relationship between the implementation technologies we (and others like us) use to build software and the types of problems we can solve. I feel that they are both 100% correct and here's why.

Featured on the Boagworld Web Show

Every week (with a few exceptions) Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington discuss topics related to web design on the Boagworld Web Show. This season (Season 10), they're doing "Top 10" lists, so I suggested "Top 10 Tips for validating entry fields". Paul liked the idea, but thought it was a bit specific, so he listed his top 10 ways to make your forms a pleasure to use.

Give it a listen (and listen to other episodes from his podcast).

New digs!

Yesterday morning, we signed a membership agreement and moved into 160 square feet of space above Epicentral Coworking, Colorado Springs' downtown coworking space. We're excited to be part of a community of entrepreneurs and freelancers that is as encouraging as they get.

Why people aren't downloading your app

This post is adapted from an email response to one of our sales partners who had sent us a link to a book on "gamification," the idea that people get more engaged if they receive some reward in exchange for overcoming some challenge, much the way video games capture our attention. While we don't necessarily need to embrace gamification in its entirety, the idea behind it and the way it works get at the heart of how we as digital marketers and creatives need to think about the services we provide to our clients. Obviously our clients need to see value in what we’re providing in order for them to drop the appropriate amount of money on the right solutions, but sometimes the way in which that value is realized is non-obvious.

Your current project should fund your next sales cycle

Hi. I’m Brian Parks.

A few months ago, Seth Godin ran a class on Skillshare with the tagline "build your business right the first time". In it, he asks a very simple question: are you a freelancer/contractor or an entrepreneur?

Goggles Machine Upgrades

With the recent increase in Goggles activity, it became clear that the capabilities of a machine that had been built three years ago to host Goggles originally simply weren't going to cut it. Unfortunately, the machine upgrades became an emergency this morning, resulting in about 15 minutes of downtime around 6:30 MDT. We're sorry that this interfered with Goggling, but rest assured that we have Gogglers' best interests at heart and we're working hard to plan for the next round of upgrades, building up an infrastructure that will minimize future downtime.

UPDATED: Goggles all over the internet!

Today, Goggles has received over 1.8 MILLION requests from over 9,000 unique users. This is awesome!

Keep the drawings going! In the meantime, here are some notable tumblr blogs that have posted about Goggles:

Is it worth it to go backward to make one giant leap forward?

In my last video, I talked about optimizing the use of your limited cash reserves to build the most effective business, emphasizing that you need to spend just the right amount of money on marketing and just the right amount of money on your technology. An important observation goes along with this: if you have technology and no marketing, you don’t have a company.