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5 Reasons To Integrate Your App Into Your Marketing Strategy

Need some help on how or why your Mobile App needs to fit into your current marketing strategy? We have some answers to get you started.

4 Unknown Ways To Market Your Mobile Apps

Need to find a way to get your mobile app known and recognized? Here are some ideas that don't require advanced marketing knowledge.

The Business Case for Xamarin

Can Xamarin help developers by streamlining the process of making mobile apps or does it fail to be the "one size fits all" solution?

Two Important Things to Know Before Hiring an IT Contractor

How do you make sure that the IT contractor you work with is someone who will do a good job? I will cover what info you need to get to choose the right contractor.

How Much Discretion Should You Give to Employees when Choosing Technology?

Should employees be able to choose the software or technology they use on the job? How much discretion should you give them and how should it affect the budget?

Do third-party login tools make your site vulnerable?

Using third-party log-in systems for your website or software can be a good idea but there are some things to think about before making that decision.

Podcast Episode: Technology for 2015

We are doing a podcast episode of technology we are excited about in 2015. We want you to give your input and ideas for the show! Comment below if you have an idea. They can be for any age, and they can be books, tech gadgets or other toys.

A Mobile Developer's First-Hand Experience with Xamarin.iOS

For those that don't already know, Xamarin is a fairly new and powerful platform which allows developers to create native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps while sharing code among them all in the C# programming language. They have also created something called Xamarin.Forms which basically provides the opportunity to share 100% of the code across all mobile platforms. For development IDE's, Xamarin allows you to code using their Xamarin Studio IDE or Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE.

We are using Castbacker!

We are now on Castbacker, a tool that lets people give a monthly pledge of their choosing to support their favorite podcasts.

Can More Paid Vacation Improve Productivity during a Holiday?

Some companies don't see the value in providing unlimited time off for employees, but could it actually improve employee productivity during the holiday season?