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Do you need your own in-house developers?

With the rise of technology, most are moving their development teams in-house. Is there a reason to not go down this path?

Key Deliverables to Include in Your Software Design Phase

Is the design process you use with clients the same one you can use internally? We discuss what needs to go into each phase, no matter what.

Should you jump on board with the new tech?

New technology is coming out all the time, but does that mean developers should constantly be jumping on board?

Should Discovery be Separate from a Software Development Process?

How do you accurately scope a project without first knowing all the details? Maybe this calls for a reworking of the software development process.

5 Ways an IT Contractor can save you money

An IT Contractor could help in indentifying and breaking down barriers in your technology development process.

What Kind of Maintenance is Needed on Custom Software?

People usually choose off-the-shelf software because there is little maintenance involved. All they have to do is click through some buttons when they get an alert to update, like with Microsoft Office or Adobe products. When you choose a custom solution, you are automatically picking a more complicated process, right?

If you pick the right development team, it won't be a burden to update your software.

Will "Codeless" apps take away Developer jobs?

With the expanse of "codeless" mobile apps, developers might wonder if they will soon be out of a job. But is it possible that codeless apps will only increase the need for experienced developers?

How much Maintenance does a Mobile App Need?

Find out what you need to consider when looking at maintaining your mobile app, whether it's on iOS or Android.

How to Integrate Your Content Marketing into Your Mobile App

What are some ways to integrate your content marketing strategy into your mobile app? Is it even a valid channel to provide content through?

Cloud or On-site Communication System?

Should your office use cloud storage or create your own IT infrastructure?