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Goggles is now

The Goggles community is growing. Since we launched Goggles ( in 2010, we've experienced million-user days and seen it used in many different ways. Since launching the Goggles Gallery in late December, 2013, over 2600 users have signed up and posted over 6000 drawings. (formerly known as Goggles), is a utility that allows the user to draw on web pages. These drawings are not visible to the rest of the World Wide Web and in no way deface the original page. They can be viewed (in real time) by anyone else using on the same page. Try it now at

UPDATED: Goggles all over the internet!

Today, Goggles has received over 1.8 MILLION requests from over 9,000 unique users. This is awesome!

Keep the drawings going! In the meantime, here are some notable tumblr blogs that have posted about Goggles:

Introduction to node.js

Brian Parks leads a discussion on node.js at the April meeting of coloradosprings.js. Find the slides at and the meetup itself at

Javascript Is The Language Of The Future

It's been a long time since there were only a few languages. Almost everybody born since then knows about at least one or two programming languages, has probably taken some form of programming class at some point in their academic career, and if they know more than enough about one to be dangerous, they likely know the basics of at least three others. My take on the matter is that Javascript will be the language to know over the next few years, and here's why.