08 May 2018

dudl.me (formerly known as Goggles), is a utility that allows the user to draw on web pages. These drawings are not visible to the rest of the World Wide Web and in no way deface the original page. They can be viewed (in real time) by anyone else using dudl.me on the same page.

dudl.me is used for entertainment, for heated discussion, criticism, commentary, parody, and by web professionals looking to mark up a web page. dudl.me draws an average of just under 1000 daily users who draw upwards of 150,000 shapes, with spikes of as many as 10,000 users and 5 million shapes.

dudl.me is built using node.js, which means that all but the HTML that renders the web pages is written in JavaScript; this has definitely allowed it to scale gracefully to meet the demand its loyal users have placed on it.

Try it now at dudl.me.