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Strategy Canvas

Strategy Canvas is a digital implementation of that described in W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne's "Blue Ocean Strategy" (Harvard Business Review) and the Value Curve of Richard Lee and Nina Goodrich ("Value Innovation Works", The Value Curve is a crucial component of Value Innovation, which allows your business to deliver value to your customers as they define it.

For Synapse Software, the Strategy Canvas is a core visual representation of our vision to build simply remarkable software, which we're making available to the public. With Strategy Canvas, building dynamic, easy-to-use Value Curves to find Blue Oceans of opportunity is trivial and mobile. (more)


μStim allows doctors to customize oculomotor therapy sessions for each patient. The entire session is fully customizable, including duration of session, colors used, size of grid and target, and rate of motion of each part. The session can be saved as a μStim file suitable for electronic distribution.The companion player allow patients to run therapy sessions from their doctors, allowing them to keep up with their brain exercises with minimal thought and effort. (more)


BlindSpotter is targeted specifically at Functional Neurologists based on clinical research pioneered by Dr. Ted Carrick. It is intended for use in the clinic for diagnosis and evaluation of progress as a result of treatment. BlindSpotter is customizable and calibrates itself per-patient. With BlindSpotter, bring your clinic into the 21st century with this affordable computerized Blind Spot Mapping system. (more)


Quiver combines all your social networking sites to one convenient location on our server. Whenever you want to send out updates, just create a new feed or use an old one. Choose which sites you want to send the information to and click each site's icon. The feed will appear at each site instantly and you can go back to running your business! (more)

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